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Many people develop prominent spider veins that may be cosmetically unpleasing to them. Dr. Moraes offers sclerotherapy that can diminish unsightly spider and reticular veins on the legs. Schedule a consultation at Boca Derm in Boca Raton, Florida, to discuss how sclerotherapy may benefit you.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy refers to a cosmetic procedure that diminishes spider veins and some reticular veins.

What does a sclerotherapy procedure look like?

During a sclerotherapy procedure, Dr. Moraes injects a saline solution directly into the targeted spider veins. The solution irritates the blood vessel to make it collapse and stick together.

You might experience mild discomfort in the form of cramping when she injects the solution into your vein. While the procedure only takes about 15 to 20 minutes, you may be required to attend multiple sessions depending on your medical condition and the number of veins you wish to treat.

Who are appropriate candidates for sclerotherapy?

Undergoing sclerotherapy requires a prior consultation with Dr. Michele Moraes to determine if you are an appropriate candidate. Those who cannot receive the procedure include patients who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Are taking birth control pills
  • Have had a blood clot in the past

Dr. Moraes will also assess your medical history in regards to your qualifications.

How should I prepare for a sclerotherapy procedure?

Dr. Moraes can inform you of steps and activities to avoid before undergoing sclerotherapy. In general, you’ll need to avoid certain medications (which Dr. Moraes will identify during your consultation). You should also avoid shaving or applying lotion to your legs on the day of the procedure.

What are side effects of sclerotherapy?

Side effects of sclerotherapy can range in levels of discomfort. Common side effects include raised, red areas at the site of injection that should disappear within a few days. Bruising at the injection site is also common, and it can last anywhere from days to weeks depending on the individual.

Other less common but temporary and harmless side effects include:

  • Brown lines or spots (hyperpigmentation) along the targeted veins
  • Development of new, tiny blood vessels (neovascularization)

Side effects that require immediate medical attention include:

  • A sudden swelling of the leg
  • Small ulcers that have formed at the site of injection
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